Blind Spot #3 – “We focus on a few details and we miss the big picture.”

How many of you have heard the phrase: “I can’t see the forest through the trees.”

Oftentimes we acknowledge that at ground level, we do see the trees, we just don’t see how they connect.

We only focus on certain details, for example.

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Jane Doe was job hunting and she received an offer from 2 prospective companies. The first company was in California and the second in Texas. Now Jane has always dreamed of living in California – sunshine, beaches, etc.

Jane’s core value is people. She is a people-person and loves to be around people. The company in California is not people-friendly, in fact, the company is pretty cut throat, no growth opportunities, and they discard people like old newspapers; whereas, the company in Texas, values its employees, policies for work-life balance, and pay is a little less.

Jane was coached to examine her heart, her head, and through spiritual wisdom she would make the right choice.   Coaching can help clients expand their vision through intelligent choices based on the 3H’s, as described by  Georgia Shaffer in Professional Life Coaching 201 Series through American Association of Christian Counselors (

  1. Heart – How do you feel about this possibility?
  2. Head – Have you looked at the core values?
  3. Holy SpiritWhat is God telling you?  Have you prayed about it: