I talk about my father, my mother, my brothers, my sister, not to impress, not for notoriety; nor to hear myself talk.  I talk so I don’t forget.   I talk so my children will talk and my grandchildren will talk to continue the story.  

I talk because when I went astray, I listened when I was told I was more than a bottle.  I 100MEDIA_IMAG1235listened when I was told I came from the blood of ancestors that persevered during turbulent times.  Listening helped me to recapture the stamina I needed to survive.  I embraced hope – and hope lifted me up.   I rekindled my relationship with God who never left me –after all — I left God. I left to fit in and to feel accepted.  I knew the person I became was not the person I wanted to be.  Not me!  I listened and now it was time to act — Talking and Listening helped to redefine me. 

So I talk, so my children can listen.  They will know to rise up when times are tough.  I talk to show the importance of putting God first, helping others, and to continue to tell the story.   Always keeping it real!  Keeping it real will help to bring heart, love, and compassion back to our kids. 

Our kids need to know our story so they can add the chapters to their story.  We need to listen so they can heal and the pain they feel inside can subside.  We need to tell our rich histories to build one another up,  to bring compassion and love back to our neighborhoods.  -lshannon

I talk to tell my story so I can continue to stand up, speak up, and do whats right for our kids.  Lead by example!   Go back to basics!  Rekindle the Love —  but Keeping it real!

I talk because What Matters is Families!Jr and Tizel 2013

©L. Shannon 2014


About Coach Lil

Coach Lil is a certified professional life coach specializing in Life, Transitions, and Health & Wellness Coaching. Coach Lil guides women through transitions to create opportunities, possibilities, and empowerment. She has over 10 years advocacy and coaching women with substance abuse issues, domestic violence, mental health, and through the seasons of life. Coach Lil is personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients. to learn more visit – Aspire! Professional Life Coach Services. Are you ready to take your next steps? For a free complimentary life coach session, please contact Coach Lil at Lileen@aspire-lifecoach.com or visit her website at www.aspire-lifecoach.com.
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