5-Steps to Staying on Track with Your Goals – How to Measure Your Progress

Once you see a way to reach your goals, you must believe that you can get there.

Measuring your progress is one of the most important motivators of goal setting.   If you are becoming distracted, bored, or losing focus, ask yourself, “What’s the most important thing I can do today, this moment, to move closer to my most important goal?”  This question is a great motivator to help you stick with it.

Here are five simple steps to consider when staying on track with your goals and measuring your progress.

  •   Facts and Figures

Find some way to quantify. If it’s hard to quantify, measure the time you spend working on it.

  •  Stay on Schedule

Create a schedule and chart your progress carefully while also remaining flexible.

  • Keep a Journal

Keep a journal and write about your progress as you work toward your goal.

  • Tick ItPenguins.jpg

Using a tick sheet is an even easier method for charting progress.

  • Ratings and Rankings

Each day, rate how you feel about how it’s going.


It takes time to measure your progress but it’s all worth it. Keep focused on the Prize!   It’s vitally important to keeping you on track.


About Coach Lil

Coach Lil is a certified professional life coach specializing in Life, Transitions, and Health & Wellness Coaching. Coach Lil guides women through transitions to create opportunities, possibilities, and empowerment. She has over 10 years advocacy and coaching women with substance abuse issues, domestic violence, mental health, and through the seasons of life. Coach Lil is personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients. to learn more visit – Aspire! Professional Life Coach Services. Are you ready to take your next steps? For a free complimentary life coach session, please contact Coach Lil at Lileen@aspire-lifecoach.com or visit her website at www.aspire-lifecoach.com.
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