Are you having difficulties getting your coaching business off the ground?

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I thought I would share an article I read in NAFE News.  Since I’m having a difficult time getting my coaching business off the ground and the competition appears to be fierce,  if you’re like me perhaps these tips will help you.  Enjoy!

5 Tips for Achieving Your Business Goals By Sharon Hadary and Laura Henderson

Sharon Hadary, co-author of this article, was one of the earliest members of NAFE. She fondly recalls, I joined NAFE in the mid-70’s when it was a new organization and a new concept. In those days, NAFE held events in major cities – and I remember how excited we all were every year when the Washington DC event was announced. I also remember what a sense of importance I felt when, through NAFE, companies marketed financial products to women. That was unheard of until NAFE came along! So NAFE has had a profound effect on my life. Keep reading to learn Sharons secrets for career and business success:

What are the ‘secrets of success highly accomplished women know? That’s what we set out to identify in our book, How Women Lead: The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know. We combined our personal insights, research-based knowledge, and the real-life lessons from 14 highly successful women to identify proven, practical strategies that you can immediately use to achieve your goals. Here from our new book are the foundational five.

1. Lead Like a Woman: Have confidence in the leadership strengths innate to you as a woman and build on them. Women are collaborative, inclusive, and consultative — but know when to be decisive and make tough decisions. Do not imitate men.

2. Own Your Destiny: Define success in your own terms. Women’s definition of success is holistic, incorporating all aspects of their lives: professional, family, community and personal. Set high goals and build your career based on your values and passions.

3. Be the Architect of Your Career: Identify and pursue the opportunities and positions to gain the experience and visibility you need to advance. Create opportunities and fearlessly take on challenging jobs or assignments that can position you for success. Become knowledgeable about your company and its operations and understand how you can contribute to the organization’s financial and operational success.

4. Advocate Unabashedly for Yourself: Develop a personal brand based on your strengths and goals. Make a compelling business case for yourself when seeking a promotion, raise, or proposing new business opportunities. Build and nurture networks of mentors and sponsors inside and outside the company to advise and advocate for you.

5. Translate the Stories Numbers Tell to Drive Strategic Results: Financial acumen is a non-negotiable credential for getting ahead in business. Become savvy about the financial operations of your function and understand how it contributes to the organization’s financial success. Financials help you focus, establish milestones, make adjustments along the way, and measure success.


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