How do you spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

“You beat fourteen million other sperm to get here.

What makes you think you’re not a success?”-Les Williams

For many women, we oftentimes define success by the world and its standards.  Setting our standards by the worlds is a prescription for failure.

Does money really equal success? Does our self-worth equal our net worth? Do you believe that having “things” makes you a better person?

As a young adult my loving parents had high expectations of me. As a result, I set even higher expectations—unreachable–and I felt I failed them and myself.   When I received my Master’s Degree, I was 42 years old, single mother, earning low wages, new homeowner, and doing way too much to prove myself.  Many times, my peers, didn’t look too highly on my successes, as a matter of fact, somehow my accomplishments angered others.  That life experience is the beginning of a life-long transformation.  Ms. Vazant counsels us, in her 1993 book, The Value in the Valley, “When we do things for the sake of other people, we usually end up not feeling good about ourselves.  When your success is measured by how someone else will respond, you never know what to expect.”

Recently, I received a promotion at work and others ask me, “Why aren’t you jumping for joy?”   Frankly, a great friend and confidant, Roberta, once said to me, “Lileen, you do not always understand the depth of your accomplishments and its impact on others.” On the other hand, I learned to be low key about me!  Happy?  Yes, I’m Ecstatic! Absolutely! I feel good about myself because I am me and I have accomplished many triumphs in life; others I’m still working on.

So, how we do the things we do and how we walk through life — is mirrored in how we learn from our life experiences. It has been a spiritual growth for me.  It is through God I give all glory for my accomplishments — it wasn’t easy — and I remain humble in who I am.  What I know and how I feel is directly connected to how I love, give, do, and have.

I spell success L-O-V-E.  My accomplishments have been for the love of God, family, and giving back to the community by being the Best Me I Can Be.  How do you spell S-U-C-E-S-S?

Coach Lileen Shannon

August 29, 2012


About Coach Lil

Coach Lil is a certified professional life coach specializing in Life, Transitions, and Health & Wellness Coaching. Coach Lil guides women through transitions to create opportunities, possibilities, and empowerment. She has over 10 years advocacy and coaching women with substance abuse issues, domestic violence, mental health, and through the seasons of life. Coach Lil is personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients. to learn more visit – Aspire! Professional Life Coach Services. Are you ready to take your next steps? For a free complimentary life coach session, please contact Coach Lil at or visit her website at
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  1. gpicone says:

    I spell it H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S. If one is happy with one’s life, one has it all. I hope you are happy too 🙂

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