When I was a little girl,

I was so good,

But when I became a woman,

I was bad.

When I was a little girl,

I was so sweet,

But when I became a woman,

I was mad.

I lived by the Values expected of me,

I walked, I talked,

I did things accordingly,

I went to school, I followed the rules,

that didn’t teach me anything about me.

I started drinking and thinking,

and thinking and drinking,

until it took control over me.

It’s been 28 years since I have sung this song,

And over the years a love for self is what I found,

Now I stand on firmer ground.

Seasons come, Seasons go,

I am now sixty-years old,

A lot of time for me to see,

I was always the best Lileen I could be.

My message to you is don’t lose your soul,

over things you can’t control,

Build your faith in God and always love who you are.

I am a woman now with so many dreams,

loving that little girl in me!

©1984 Written by Lileen Shannon


About Coach Lil

Coach Lil is a certified professional life coach specializing in Life, Transitions, and Health & Wellness Coaching. Coach Lil guides women through transitions to create opportunities, possibilities, and empowerment. She has over 10 years advocacy and coaching women with substance abuse issues, domestic violence, mental health, and through the seasons of life. Coach Lil is personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients. to learn more visit – Aspire! Professional Life Coach Services. Are you ready to take your next steps? For a free complimentary life coach session, please contact Coach Lil at or visit her website at
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