“It’s the things we do not see that hinder our success.”

“Forewarned is Forearmed.”

When a car nearly swipes another on the freeway you have witnessed an example of a visual blindspot and as people; we meet up with blindspots that can throw curves in our lives. There are also mental blindspots (for example long ago the Pharisees were accused of being “blind” because they saw outward behavior as more important than the matters of the heart). Whether it’s visual or mental, blindspots can halt our ability to move forward.

How many of you have had dreams and visions that became stalled because of unresolved issues in your life?

Well, I want to share with you this evening, a lesson on one of 4 common blindspots and how the services of a life coach help you to breakthrough.

Blind Spot #1:

“We think we are the exception to the rule.”

Athletes have a tendency, to see themselves as above average than their peers.

94% of college professors rank themselves as “above average,” even though statistics show in actuality 50% may be above average.

How many of you remember the cartoon character Yogi Bear, his sidekick Boo-Boo, and Ranger Smith? Do you remember Yogi’s famous saying, “I’m smarter than the average bear.” If you recall, Yogi was always getting into trouble because he overestimated his cleverness. Ranger Smith caught Yogi doing things he shouldn’t have done and then poor

Boo-Boo BearImage via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

Boo-Boo, who use to say, “But Yogi, I don’t think Ranger Smith is going to like that.”

Researchers have found that those who are the least skilled tend to overestimate their skills and are the ones who get themselves into trouble (debt, credit cards, etc.). On the other hand, those gifted tend to underestimate themselves.

This is important to know as a life coach because if a client is consistently underestimating their abilities, guide the client to address their fears and spend time asking the questions that encourage them to take risks by setting realistic expectations.

The bottom line is never assume we are the exception to the Rule.

2010 taken from Association of Christian Counselors, Life Coach Lesson, presented

by Dwight Bain.

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