Mirror Mirror on the Wall – a little humor!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall,

I’m not like her, not at all♥

Many Mothers all over the world would agree that with motherhood there is, at times, a love/hate relationship with daughters. My mom could be firm, an authoritarian, and humorous.  How can we love someone so much one-minute and equally hate another.

How many of you realize that your Mom is really been your best friend? Years ago, I would have laughed, if you told me that. 

 I can remember the times when I couldn’t spend the night at a friend’s house, or go to the biggest “party,” of the year, after countless minutes of begging.  My mother would sternly look at me and say, “NO, you can’t.”  “You may not realize it now, Lileen Ellen, but I am your Best friend and there are reasons for me not letting you go to the party.”

 As I turn away, I’m talking very low under my breath, “If you’re  my best friend,  then I hate to see my enemies.”

 Believe me, I know times have changed, but when I was growing up, body language could make you or break you. The WRONG look or stand, mumbling, rolling the eyes, or try putting your hands on your hips.  Any one of these moves may have been your last activity on earth.  Shoot!  We really believed mothers had eyes behind their heads, because “the SMACK” could come, land on the right target, without her even turning around or blinking an eye.

 I admit, I was a smarty pants, Yea me!  I considered my body language “free speech,” until I realized that the constitution didn’t work very well at home.

 One evening I was so upset with my Mom that I stomped to my room.  I mean stomped and slammed my bedroom door.  oops!   What an insane thing to do!   Sanity came back as quickly as it left and I grabbed the door knobbed and quickly opened the door, I stood there, just stood……I could hear her feet coming down the hallway….., sweat poured down my forehead, as I anticipated the “SMACK.” A voice said, YELL!  I quickly yelled, “THE WIND DID IT.”  Just in time.  Her feet slowed and retreated, I heard her say, “Better have.” WHEW! 

 Now, there was a humorous side to my Mom. 

I recall my parents made the grave mistake one Sunday at church, and directed all five of us children to sit on one row behind them at church.  We honestly started out dignified, sitting up straight, and on our best behavior.  Choir just finished singing, church was very quiet.  Well, someone nearby accidentally released gas and not from the furnace.  What did they do that for?  On one row, you could clearly hear snickering and grunt sounds.  We were truly trying to hold it in and the grunt sounds were evident.  We immediately got the “eye,” as you can imagine, the corner of the mouth of the woman we feared also had a slight smile, as she told us in the loudest whisper to “CUT IT OUT!”  My father, of course, looked straight ahead as if he didn’t know us.  All I could think was, “Lord help us all.”

 I worked very hard through my teen and young adult years not to be like my mom.  Did it work?  Ask any of my children, I’m sure these same scenarios would fit their growing up years.  I recall saying to my daughters, the same things my mother said to me. “You may not understand now, but one day, you’ll find out I’m your best friend.”  

I love you Mom and Yes, you are my best friend!  May you rest in peace!

 Mirror Mirror on the Wall,

I guess I’m like her after all.

 Lileen Shannon

©2010 Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Lileen Shannon