The Battle of the Bulge – a conversation with myself!


The battle of the bulge — even when you’re talking to yourself — is such a lukewarm conversation – it’s either cold or hot – depending on where you are in the battle.  I know I’ve tried and won – retreated — quit and loss.   I recall all of my conversations that either persuaded me to eat that slice of cake (I lost) or insisted I eat an apple (I won).  Day by day these conversations go on and on.  I can distinctly remember sitting on a bus gazing out the window and comparing my weight  to all the other overweight people  walking by — “Well, I’m not that big (Duh!  What does that mean?”). 

But everyday is a new day – and I choose to begin this day with a new attitude. It begins with:

 I can:  

  • lose weight
  • eat healthier
  • walk 20 minutes a day to start
  • be all that I can be – one day at a time.

In my conversation, I asked, “Whoever is staring at me in the mirror tomorrow morning, is it my answer for success?  If not, I’m in trouble!”

Lately, my conversations are more on strategies to begin winning this war, such as:

  • Keeping and recalling the scriptures helps to ‘reel’ me back.  Using the scriptures for comfort  and to keep me pumped with positive thoughts as I plan my battle. For example, Proverbs 25:28 counsels me that “like a city who’s walls have been broken down so is a man without self-control”.  Self-control is critical to win this war.
  •  Preparation is everything.  How I prepare is how I will play. 
  • Setting goals and making a wellness plan will help in my preparation.

Well, all that chattering has tired me out.  Thank goodness I didn’t answer myself 🙂 

If you are battling the bulge, you can win the war too! 

 How?  Be truthful to yourself.  Challenge yourself to think on a different level.  Flood your mind with healthy thinking. 

Join me – Let’s Make a Move