Parents – Take a breather – You’re on TimeOut!

We are living in a world that is demanding so much of our time.  Rush! Rush! Rush!  “I’ve got to get to work.”  “Whoops! Forgot, to pick up dinner.”  “Get up, William, you’re going to be late for school.”  “Come on Adesia, I’ll drop you off at choir practice.”  “Did you eat breakfast?”  ” Hurry now, let me help you tie your shoes.”  “Melissa, put down that Ipod and get your shoes on you’re going to be late for soccer practice.”  Day after day after day.  When all is said and done, “Did you take time to read to your child (ren) today?”

Statistics show:  Reading by the end of 3rd grade is the foundation on which students’ success in school is built. After 3rd grade, your child will go from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. A big difference!  If your child is not fully prepared, research shows they will eventually fall behind their peers in performance (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic).   If they fail to catch up, after the primary years, they are at risk of becoming dropouts, teen parents, underemployed adults, and involved in criminal justice system at some point in their life.   

What can we do as parents, grandparents, mentors, afterschool helpers/tutors – We can READ to our children (at least 20 minutes) every day?  If they are up in age, let them read to you.  Volunteer 1/2 hour in an afterschool program, preschools, or your child’s/grandchild’s classroom.  Together, we can help our children.  Let’s participate in our children’s future! 


About Coach Lil

Coach Lil is a certified professional life coach specializing in Life, Transitions, and Health & Wellness Coaching. Coach Lil guides women through transitions to create opportunities, possibilities, and empowerment. She has over 10 years advocacy and coaching women with substance abuse issues, domestic violence, mental health, and through the seasons of life. Coach Lil is personally experienced with moving through many of the same life transitions facing her clients. to learn more visit – Aspire! Professional Life Coach Services. Are you ready to take your next steps? For a free complimentary life coach session, please contact Coach Lil at or visit her website at
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